Tokyo Food and Drink

So far the LinLyn and I are three for three in Japanese meals… After we checked in to our hotel Thursday night I successfully re-traced my steps to my favourite Shibuya sushi bar. The next morning I treated her to the hotel’s decadent western-style breakfast buffet.


Last night we decided on some kind of cooked Japanese food, and ended up at the CoCo Curry House. This was the special of the day, deep-fried pork on a bed of rice, perched on the shores of a large pool of curry. The photo doesn’t do it justice—it was delicious!


I got my after-dinner coffee here, at the Excelsior Caffé. LinLyn remembered that this coffee chain was written up in the TimeOut guide back in our hotel room. Apparently it’s a direct knock-off of Starbucks and they had to change their logo slightly to avoid a lawsuit, which only made it taste better in retrospect…


By Andrew

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