The Sun Rises Again: Shibuya

(My one and only issue with not traveling alone is that I’ve less free time to post to this site from the road. So kindly allow me to fill you in on some more notable details and pics from my recent Tokyo trip…)

The ride into Tokyo on the NEX was a bit harrowing in that LinLyn and I had apparently boarded the wrong car, and because the train was to split up at Tokyo Station, we had to make a bit of a mad dash with all of our bags from the back of the train to the first six cars during a very brief stop.


But it all paid off when we checked into our hotel room… I will never get tired of this view!


The next day we had the entire city to explore but spent all of it in Shibuya. After the first of many decadent western buffet breakfasts we stood in awe of Japanese fashion at the Shibuya 109 mall. The hot Tokyo trends for women right now? Grey-tinted hair and walking pigeon-toed in suede boots, apparently!

The rest of the afternoon was easily eaten up at the Tokyu Hands “Creative Life Store”, which is kind of like IKEA, The ‘It’ Store and Toys ‘R’ Us all rolled into one. I secretly lusted after the many wicked-cool compact vacuums, but settled instead for some smaller souvenirs that would actually fit in my suitcase.

After our day of shopping it was time for dinner and coffee, then some much needed sleep to prepare for the next day…


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