The Mother of All Guilt Trips

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine sucked. Here’s why:

I thought I’d get a jump on Chinese New Year and do some window shopping up at Pacific Mall with the missus, but almost as soon as we pulled into the parking lot I got a call from my mother’s caregiver, informing me that her eighty-one year-old employer had taken a spill and cut her head on one of those old-tyme radiators in her home.

Though she didn’t pass out and her small cut had only bled a bit I asked dear old mum if she wanted to go to hospital just to be safe. Instead of hopping into a cab and literally going down the road to Sunnybrook with her paid helper right away she said she would only go if I came back into the city and drove her myself.

Of course I took her, but since we had to wait for the rush hour to end anyway, we finished up whatever shopping we could. What could I do? Either way it was a losing proposition. If you can believe it my mother even yelled at me for being in Markham in the first place!

By the way, she’s fine. But me? I’m still recovering from the guilt…


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By Andrew

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