Google Earth


Now that Google Earth has been released for the Mac, I can finally see what all the fuss has been about!

This free desktop software stitches together what must be an ginormous database of satellite images and enables you to tag specific landmarks and bounce between them in 3D. Even better, you can share your findings with others via the Google Earth Community.

Image resolution is so good that it’s almost scary—you can zoom in from space to about 500 feet above street level and still make out what you’re looking at. I used it to pinpoint almost all of the fabulous hotels in faraway places that I’ve stayed at over the past couple of years. Wanna see for yourself? Just click on this:


… Unzip the downloaded file and open ‘er up in your own copy of Google Earth. WARNING: If you choose the “play” option on a big monitor you may get a little dizzy…


By Andrew

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