Muslim Intolerance


Look, all I’m gonna say on the subject is this: Western media isn’t doing itself any favours towards those who believe in Islam.

Exhibit A: The above political cartoon, published in a Danish newspaper last fall. In reading through viewpoints from both the West and Middle East it seems to me that the argument boils down to freedom of speech versus respect—or to put it another way, how many of you Christians out there would like to see a Donato cartoon featuring Jesus soliciting a handjob from a Jarvis Street tranny hooker? Even as political commentary? … Not so much, huh?

Exhibit B: Flightplan, the movie that made me lose all respect for Jodie Foster. When her daughter suddenly goes missing on a transatlantic flight, Ms. Foster’s character is inexplicably allowed to run screaming with arms akimbo up and down the cabin. And on whom does she bestow the title of “kidnapper”? Why three Arabs, of course!

Cut to the end of the movie where she passes one of them again on the tarmac, and instead of apologizing for her xenophobic behavour it’s the Arab dude who, with a hangdog expression, helps her with a piece of her luggage to make amends… For being an Arab, I suppose?!

Exhibit C: The absolutely dreadful Flight 93 on TV last week. In addition to raising more questions than it answers—so where was the United States Air Force during the 9/11 attacks, anyway?—the movie decides that the terrorists on board the doomed flight wore red kamikaze bandanas, just like those damn Japs in WWII. Ugh… Sorry folks, but suggesting that the despicable acts of 9/11 were carried out by cartoon villains is an insult to the lives that were lost on that flight.

You know, If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my years in showbiz, it’s that once you lose an audience, you never get them back. Just a little something to keep in mind…


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3 responses to “Muslim Intolerance”

  1. Realizing the hypocrisy of preaching respect for the Muslim community while posting the offending artwork in its entirety, I’ve cropped out Muhammad’s face as per Islamic law—my bad!

    Note that you can still click on the cropped image and see the rest of the cartoon, but that’s your call…

  2. Interesting…the violent backlash that came of this cartoon suggesting a link between the Muslim faith and violence. Kind of ironic that these extremists will kill to make a point against this assertion.

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