Carbon Neutral… Starting Now!


This world traveller has to admit he’s been feeling a little smug lately. My feeble first steps onto other continents have taught me to be respectful and compassionate towards other cultures, both at home and abroad. I’m pretty damn proud of that, and have nary a regret about any of the trips I’ve taken to faraway lands.

Until today.

This week’s episode of my favourite travel TV show featured a story about “carbon neutral” air travel—that is, calculating the carbon dioxide emissions of your flight abroad and making an appropriate donation towards tree-planting that will offset your indiscretion towards Mother Earth.

The Rolling Stones do it, The Green Party of Canada does it, and since I’m at least as cool as they are I’m gonna do it too!

Using this handy online calculator from I’ve figured out that my flight to Bermuda and back next month will cost the planet 0.49 tonnes in CO2 emissions. To offset that over the lifespan of your typical newly-planted tree I would need to plant almost three of them at a current cost of $4 per tree, for a grand total of $11.80 CAD.

Making my recent trip to Tokyo carbon neutral would cost quite a bit more, so I’m carbon neutral starting today!



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3 Responses to Carbon Neutral… Starting Now!

  1. philmaker says:

    I’m watching my carbs very carefully as well and packing lighter on my trips.

  2. K-Dawg says:

    Whew! This could get costly. I’ts time to break out the bicycle again.

    Immediate CO2 Offset 80 Years C02 Offset
    In order to offset your CO2 emissions of 3.41 tonnes immediately, it will require the planting of 477.62 trees. At $4 per tree, this translates to a cost of $1910.48 .

    In order to offset your CO2 emissions of 3.41 tonnes over 80 years, it will require the planting of 20.43 trees. At $4 per tree, this translates to a cost of $81.72 .

  3. tom o'leary says:

    Be careful of those ‘carbon calculators’, try a few and you’ll see they all come up with different figures. Also, consider that your flight will pump out all that carbon in just a few hours, while a tree will take a lifetime to soak it up again. At treeflights we’re more honest about the issues.

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