Flung Open are the Gates of Hell!

So after spending the last two days setting up my blogging system’s Photo Gallery I’ve nixed it in favour of a link to my free Flickr account. It joins the very long list of my del.icio.us tags under a heading titled “The Great Beyond…”, in the right-hand sidebar about halfway down this very page.

Blog snobs will argue that I shouldn’t embed content from external sites on my own index page—if Flickr and/or del.icio.us ever go tits-up or are even put offline temporarily for maintenance then the result is a lot of empty screen real estate for valued readers like you. On the other hand, I’m not taking design advice from anyone who has Google Ads littered all over their own site.

Heck, all I really want to do is get to tagging like the rest of you…

del.icio.us this 😛


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  1. Please note that I’ve changed “The Great Beyond…” to the more pedestrian “External Links”. It just seemed a little less ghey.

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