The biggest single item on my to-do list before leaving for Bermuda tomorrow is to cure myself of a nasty habit I picked up the last time I was there. That’s right, I’m talking about Slim-Fast Bars

For more than a year these little wonders had been the perfect dietary supplement for someone like myself with an unabashed sweet-tooth—that is until the missus had a look at the ingredients and asked “Is there really chrome in these things?”

Chromium Chloride, to be exact, apparently an essential trace mineral that metabolizes fats and carbs. With it, these little bars made for a nice lump in my gut that lasted longer than your average chocolate bar. But as my body is becoming quite efficient at digesting them these days, and I’m getting a little tired of both the bland taste and persistent acne I think it’s high time to give them up. The good news is that I’ve amassed a small fortune of Shoppers Optimum Points stocking my cupboard with them, so I can get all the zit creme I need for free!

… What, too much information?

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    Ever thought of writing for Candy Critic?

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