Bermuda Film Fest – Days 1-2

I got my laptop connected this morning and was quite surprised to find that my trusty hiptop has a faster internet connection. In fact, I’m posting this from the ferry that’s taking me to the dockyards on the East end of the island.

Okay, onto the films…

‘Favela Rising’, my first film, is a documentary about one man’s attempts to make life better in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. It was at times shocking, sad and hopeful, but that didn’t stop me from nodding off several times throughout.

Then I was shocked upright by the Thai horror film Ghost of Mae Nak. Unfortunately, half the audience didn’t stay for it, leaving immediately after the locally produced horror short ‘Have a Bath’, which by the way was absolute crap. No matter; myelf, the goth girl and the few others that remained quite enjoyed the Bangkok-ian ghost story, plus I got to chat with the director for a bit the next day, after the matinee screening of ‘Sympathy for Lady Vengeance’.

‘Sympathy for Lady Vengeance’ is the third installment of a revenge trilogy by the same Korean director who made ‘Old Boy’. And it terms of violence and twisted-ness it did not disappoint. Later that evening I endured what felt like hurricane-force winds as I ventured to the East end of the island for a newly-restored print of the ‘70s art flick ‘The Passenger’—which was a meandering yawn-fest. I was already in a bad mood from the British wanker in the parking lot who was convinced I was going to knock over his precious Vespa.

Film quotes from Day One:

“Mak loves Nak.”

“Nak loves Mak”

…. From ‘Ghost of Mae Nak’.

Film quotes from Day Two:

“People look at children and see hope for the future, a new beginning. I just see the same tragedy playing out all over again…”

…. From ‘The Passenger’.

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