Bermuda Film Fest – Day 3

Are all Brits this whiny?

The announcement was made before my first film of the day that there was going to be some technical issues with the film we were about to see. And from right behind me a hand shot up, then a voice loudly complained, “This happens every single time… When are you people going to get your act together?!”

The announcer assured us that the content of the film would more than make up for the glitches, and she was ultimately right. ‘The Giant Buddhas’ chronicles the Taliban’s demolition of a colossal statue carved into the cliffs at Bamiyan, and the various attempts to reconstruct it. When the film ended and the lights came I whirled around to see if the complainer was the same guy with the Vespa from Saturday night, but he had already left.

After the obligatory ferry to The Bermuda Rum Cake Factory and a chilly scooter ride back to my brother’s place I returned to Hamilton that evening for the one and only screening of ‘The President’s Last Bang’, a bloody dramatization of the 1979 assassination of a Korean dictator—a =South= Korean dictator! The very first shot in the film was a bunch of giggly Presidential groupies taking their bikini tops off by a swimming pool… No complaints here!

Film quote of the day:

“The transfer of the film you are about to see has some technical issues… There are intermittent white lines throughout the film, the sound is distorted and the voices are at a higher pitch than they should be. But other than that it’s fine.”

…. Announcement made to the audience before the start of ‘The Giant Buddhas’.


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