Bermuda Film Fest – Day 9, Plus Bonus Extra

Just as I’d hoped, the matinee screening of ‘Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey’ brought out a full contingent of Bermuda’s “disaffected youth”, both young and old. Can troubled teens in shaggy hair and black T-shirts also be enrolled in summer sailing camp? Apparently so!

The film itself had plenty of facts but would have benefitted from a little more music, I thought. However, finding out that Nordic death-metal musicians regularly set Christian Churches on fire was certainly information worth knowing.

After a brief leg-stretch I was all set to head back inside the same theatre to see ‘Kilometer Zero’, but apparently DHL, the official fuck-up of the Bermuda Festival, screwed up yet again and mistakenly sent the film to Bahrain. Offered in its place was the award-winning Mexican comedy ‘Duck Season’, which I found so tedious that I got up midway through the film to leave.

Unfortunately for me, I chose the wrong side of the theatre to exit, and soon found myself in a locked stairwell. I heard voices through the keyhole on the second floor and knocked politely once, then louder a second time. When the door finally opened, I found myself in the middle of a packed meeting hall where I was clearly not welcome. I bowed my head in apology and quickly skulked to the door on the opposite wall.

Outside the building I queried two young gentlemen as to what was transpiring upstairs. With their answer I finally understood the cold stares: “Narcotics Anonymous.”

Film quote of the day:

“What would you say has been the main motivation in your music?”

(ten second pause)


… Lead singer of the Norwegian death-metal band “Gorgoroth” in ‘Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey’.


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