Windows Envy


So I’m back from Bermuda and have already started my mystery blogging job. Unfortunately you won’t be able to see any of my fine work until the site goes live—possibly April 1st but more likely some time after that.

Most of these past two days have been a bust, anyway. Yesterday I went in to sign my contract and found out that the site is only accessible through the office network, or via VPN. So I came home and spent most of the evening trying to get the VPN connection working on my Apple AirPort network. Then today I had to physically walk my laptop down to the office and load up my first post from there, but could only do so once I figured out that the latest version of WordPress doesn’t work with my Safari browser.

Finally this evening I got the VPN connection up and running, but the whole experience has left me feeling like I’m at the kids’ table when it comes to computers. And I don’t like it one bit!


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