Most Likely to Have an Aneurysm on Canadian TV


I started thinking about this on my flight back from Bermuda. Part of the on-board “entertainment” was tech-head Dave Chalk (above-left), blathering on about the latest product from Telus—funny how most of the gear he features on his show is from Telus. Anyhoo…

When it comes to reading a teleprompter this guy is a machine. The only distressing thing about watching him is that he barely stops to take a breath, making me wonder if one day he’s just going to forget to breathe altogether and explode on-air.

I get a similar reaction watching Global Weather-guy Michael Kuss (above-right). He’s not bad-looking as far as weather-type people go and he apparently does up his own meteorological reports, which is impressive.

But the deep furrows in his brow belie his calm on-air demeanor. Through his forecast his brain seems to be elsewhere: “You people just don’t get it, do you? The fools at the Weather Academy didn’t believe me… Nobody believes me… But I tell you, global warming will kill us all!”

Maybe so but dude, relax!


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