Spielberg Shills for Reality TV


Another nail in the coffin for old media…

The BBC brings news this morning that legendary Hollywood film director Steven Spielberg will produce and appear in a new television game show called On The Lot, where some sixteen contestants will complete a series of weekly short film challenges to be voted on by you via text message.


Before anyone dares to suggest that I submit myself for the show, let me remind you all of the true purpose of Reality TV—that is, to have a bunch of nobodies jump through hoops and bicker with each other so that we at home can pass judgement on them while chowing down on Doritos in our underwear. Am I wrong here?

For me, this whole voting by SMS thing is a lame attempt to bring something resembling the interactivity of the internet to old media television. The truth is that we don’t need Spielberg or anyone else to show us what compelling filmmaking is; through video sharing sites like YouTube we can decide for ourselves. And if we decide that what we want to see is a pair of dormitory boys or a kid pretending that he’s a jedi, then well… That’s our decision to make.


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One Response to Spielberg Shills for Reality TV

  1. Chris says:

    I don’t really disagree with this concept at all. I mean the only difference this show where I judge someone “while chowing down on Doritos in our underwear” on TV and what You Tube provides is on You Tube I’m in front of my computer instead. Short film festivals are only different because they make you put something over your underwear, although they are a little more social too.
    I think this idea has merit; the problem will undoubtedly be the way they pick the contestants. Chances are they’ll pick them based off of their personality rather than their films or film making abilities.
    As far as jumping through hoops, show me a Production Assistant want to be filmmaker and tell me how many years he’s been jumping through hoops. Just my opinion.

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