Torrent: A New Show on techTV


Just over a year after I blew my big chance with techTV there are uncorroborated reports that “Gadgets & Gizmos”, the show I screen-tested for, was cancelled—search this page on former Call for Help-er Andy Walker’s blog for the expression “G&G”.

Having caught a few of the shows I can only say that in my humble opinion G&G tried to do too much in too little airtime—for example, they devoted only a few scant minutes to the new Treo smartphone, where I could’ve easily filled an entire episode on the subject.

Now techTV is broadcasting a new property called Torrent, which is ultimately a repurposing of video podcasts (the non-pornographic ones) into a weekly hour-long format.

I have to say that I’m on the fence with this idea. Part of me resents the fact that Rogers can sell advertising with free content from the internet, while the part of me that still hates watching video on my computer is more inclined to watch this show.

I’ll get back to you on this…


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