An IM Cry for Help… Not!


(It’s the humidity, dammit—a very sweaty yours truly with new friend Audrey Wong in Singapore, 2002…)

My blogging gig at iLaugh necessitates an open chat window to my boss via MSN Messenger. I have to admit that I’m still learning much the etiquette necessary to be an internet messaging master—like when it’s okay to let a conversion hang versus a proper sign-off. But it’s another person on my buddy list who’s taught me a neat trick.

Audrey Wong, who graciously chaperoned me on a tour of Singaporean nightlife in 2002, has been an on-again, off-again penpal via MSN ever since. We don’t chat as much as we used to, but in the past two weeks that I’ve been back on chat I’ve noticed that when online she frequently changes her screen name to reflect her mood, as in:

“Stressed Out”,

“Maximum Drey”, and most recently

“Drey is Down”.

It’s hard not to feel like a stalker when someone posts their state of mind for everyone on the internet to see. Thankfully, she pinged me for a quick hello this morning, and is only down because she’s stuck staging a corporate event on an island resort in China. Sounds rough…



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