My Big, Fat 40th Surprise Party

(Too much love for this old man to handle!)

So the tradition of posting my birthday Globe & Mail Horoscope is no more, as the Globe is now charging people to access that part of their site.

And you know what? Fuck ‘em!

After what happened to me in the dwindling hours of my thirties I’ve realized that I don’t need anyone to chart my future for me—I’m doing just fine, thanks.

Tuesday night I was invited to an intimate dinner with a small circle of friends, and through no small amount of subterfuge was led to the restaurant where my ladyfriend works, where a much larger circle of friends was waiting to surprise me. And surprise me they did! This Flickr Photo Set tells the story better than I ever could.

The next morning as the emails started flooding my inbox I was reminded that my circle of friends was larger still. And all I can give you in return is my heartfelt thanks—you’ve all made an old man very happy…



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3 Responses to My Big, Fat 40th Surprise Party

  1. Ed Miller says:


    Happy birthday! Here’s to 400* more good years!


    * they’ll have the technology to make us all bionic one day, I’m sure….

  2. Ian says:

    Happy 40th Teach! I didn’t know your birthday was coming up until it was all over. Speaking of the future, I forsee a Guiness in your’s, courtesy of me. Cheers,


  3. Phil Maker says:

    You’re just a kid. I had my 40th surprise a year and a half ago. Good to see Ray Dumas in the photos!
    Happy birthday Andrew!

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