Stop the Sequel Madness, Hollywood!


Okay, enough is enough, already…

I just saw the first TV ad for the upcoming remake of The Poseidon Adventure. It joins Miami Vice and Dallas to complete the triumvirate of crap that will be passing as entertainment at your local multiplex over the next year or so.

The very existence of these films provides irrefutable evidence that Hollywood is officially out of ideas, so let me make a modest proposal: Lets put ‘em on a production diet!

We can start by scaling back their releases to once a month, then trim the fat back to one good movie per year. The last good Hollywood movie I saw was Crash, and that was released about a year ago, so this is already an attainable goal. The money saved could at least provide a token payment on the $9 trillion debt the government has racked up waging its illegal war in Iraq.

And the Oscars ceremony would clock in at a tight half-hour… It’s win-win for everyone!


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One Response to Stop the Sequel Madness, Hollywood!

  1. Ed Miller says:

    I just read last night there’s a Dynasty movie in the works, too. I’m just thankful they haven’t decided to make a Facts of Life movie. that would be the sign that civilization is over.
    On the other hand, I read that Stephen Chow, maker of comic masterpieces Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, wants to make a sci-fi movie set in outer space. should be fun, if it gets released here within our lifetimes. Long live non-Hollywood movies!


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