Why Movies on Mobiles Does Not Compute


Yes, a South African filmmaker has made the first-ever feature shot entirely on a mobile phone. Yes, the French have embraced mobilized filmmaking with an emphatic “oui”. And now Canada has its first mobile film festival

So why am I not entering?

Because I understand that, just like computers, mobile phones are not made for the passive consumption of content—that’s what television and movie screens are for. Walk down your typical city street and I reckon you’ll see way more people doing thumb gymnastics on their handset keypads than watching the latest “mobisode” of 24 on their tiny, two-inch screens. That’s because they are interacting with their devices, and by extension, other people. And this is something that traditional video content, even on mobiles, cannot deliver.

Read between the lines of the the Mobifest website and you’ll see little more than a marketing ploy by Palm to peddle their Treos and a veritable dumping ground of repurposed content.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a video-enabled handset; but I’ll use it for sharing my own content, thank-you very much… Not what someone else tells me to!


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4 Responses to Why Movies on Mobiles Does Not Compute

  1. Yesterday’s Toronto Star also has a report on mobile video:


    If you’re interested read it fast, as they tend to pull content off of their site after seven days or so. Losers.

  2. Ed Miller says:

    The Raindance Festival in London, UK, has been doing Nokia-sponsored competitions for at least 2 years now. They release a DVD of the winners, and some of them are really good, but I can’t imagine watching them on a tiny, low-res screen….
    the shorts were all, IIRC, shot on normal gear rather than on cell phone cameras.


  3. They release a DVD of the winners, and some of them are really good, but I can’t imagine watching them on a tiny, low-res screen…

    Exactly my point — as a means to shoot video, camera-phones are awesome, but as a platform for delivery they are, as we say on the internet “teh suck”.

    BTW, what does “IIRC” mean?

  4. Ed Miller says:

    If I recall correctly…. I’m trying to learn the lingo the kids are using these days.

    I saw a company called WTF over the weekend. Not sure if they’re aware what those initials mean these days….


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