More Hollywood Doom & Gloom


I love being right!  😎

I’ve spent a lot of time here writing about how seriously fucked up the Hollywood film industry is, so its always nice to discover that I have friends in high places who feel the same way as I do about it:

No argument here… And while we’re at it, ACTRA could probably use a makeover too!


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2 responses to “More Hollywood Doom & Gloom”

  1. This is just an educated guess on my part, but I sincerely believe that flicks like this MAY have something to do with the vanishing Hollywood audience.

    I mean, seriously, how did they pitch this gem? “Samuel L Jackson? Witness protection? Dash of deadly snakes? Oh hell, let’s put it on a plane. It worked for Air Force One….and uh, Soul Plane”
    Also, dig the title/content relationship….really makes you think.

  2. AC:
    I think Hollywood’s on the cusp of major changes, like it was in the 1960’s when the (old) studio system was dying off and the baby boomers began to take over. Maybe they’ll stop making movies for morons at some point and start making stuff worth $15 to see? Of course, the “creative” execs would have to give control to indie rabble to do so, so that may not happen. The internet seems to be the same type of challenge as TV was to the studios in the 1950’s and 60’s. If the studios don’t adapt, they’ll die off a second time….

    Ed Miller

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