The Apple Store Guy


It took literally all day for me to add a logo and render out the best quality video I possibly could, yet YouTube still makes it look like crap. There are other, much better video sharing sites out there, but none has the mindshare of YouTube. So the mob has spoken—here is the internet’s next superstar, courtesy of (blech) YouTube and (hooray)

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. lol! Yes, we ARE a buncha dweebs. Aren’t we? Things is… I’ll bet you are too, tucked away in yer closet.

    And i will go on record stating that I have yet to attend an Apple Store grand opening. So, dare I say you’re WORSE THAN ME! With the planned opening of yet another Apple Store at my neighborhood Sherway Mall in the fall, however, I’ll probably give in for that one.

    BTW, I used to love you as the Devil’s Advocates on Speaker’s Corner!

  2. AC:

    An instant classic! I love the end when security goes after Mr. Howell.

    Just what exactly were the t-shirts he was handing out?


  3. Since the first 1000 people through the doors get free Apple T-shirts, the original idea was for Al to try and trade some crapped-up tourist tees for the Apple ones.

    What happened instead was of course much, much better!

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