Apple MacBook mit out Modem


So the new MacBooks were released today, and if that matte black finish is as rubbery as it looks it’ll surely be the object of every Apple fanboy’s desire.

Just maybe not me.

You see, this new MacBook is missing an onboard fax/modem, a startling omission for a something that’s supposed to be connectable to the internet from anywhere in the world, including my brother’s place in Bermuda.

Now listen up, Apple: I’m totally with you on the fax thing—what a colossal pain in the arse that fifteen years or so was—but some of your customers still dial in to the internet directly through their phone lines from time to time, including yours truly! Isn’t it perhaps a little premature to leave us out in the cold?


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3 Responses to Apple MacBook mit out Modem

  1. Ed Miller says:

    Apple has a delightful way of dropping technology unexpectedly. I left my SCSI card and 5 GB drive in my G4 when I traded it in, but I was pissed to discover my capture card didn’t fit the PCI slots on the G5. Word is that Firewire will go the way of SCSI, too. I’m glad I’m not planning on upgrading from my G5 any time soon.
    I agree the fax thing was due to disappear –I think e-mail has replaced the fax. But dropping the modem is a mistake, especially if Apple wants to maintain sales to people who travel or have to connect from client sites.


  2. Paul Kaskiewicz says:

    What do you mean, “I’m totally with you on the fax thing — what a colossal pain in the arse that fifteen years or so was…”?

    Ther’s no good excuse for the failure of Apple and Microsoft to include (in their operating systems) user-friendly and reliable means of faxing.

    I have struggled with and been repeatedly let down by the basic faxing facilities in both Windows and OSX; and I agree with an unknown (to me) author that they are “..a convergence of hells..” .

    Faxes are still one of the few high-success ways of making many important contacts.

    Faxing is a basic general purpose capability that should be in a general purpose computer off the shelf.

    The OS’s are the right place to include the commonly needed functionality for faxing.

    The presence of buggy and unfriendly basic faxing functions in Windows and OSX is the sort of thing that turns potential users away and prevents loyalty.

    Rather than dropping the capability, MS and Apple should clean up their stinking sewage.

  3. What do you mean, “I’m totally with you on the fax thing — what a colossal pain in the arse that fifteen years or so was..”?

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the comment… I’ll concede that faxing technology was, for a short time, a usable alternative to my local Post Office. But then — and thank god — this thing called email came along, with the ability to actually cut and paste text from a received document rather than being forced to transcribe it.

    If you still think faxing is the bees knees, might I humbly suggest an online service like Either that or a cheap, dedicated fax machine that you can find for next to nothing at Staples, or more likely in the dumpster behind it…


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