The Apple Store Guy en Español

Props to my boss at iLaugh for passing on this link…

A Spanish-language site for Apple fans has republished the YouTube version of my Apple Store Guy video with the following blurb, courtesy of Babel Fish:

In the inauguration of the last Apple Store opened in the Eaton Center of Toronto, one of the members of went to cover the event… and it ended up it arming. Known already like “The Apple Store Guy” from that day in Internet, because it was made happen through an employee of the store, greeting and shouting people to him, trying even to strain itself inside before they opened. As the thing finished? With tio expelled from the Apple Store of by life. As if there were not already enough crazy people in those inaugurations like so that it is strained one more…

Something got lost in the translation, I think… Nevertheless, muchas gracias Applesfera!


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  1. Ed Miller says:


    Here’s a non-video guerrilla happening at the opening of the NY Apple store. No sign of Albert Howell, though.


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