Dell on Fire


I stand by my decision not to purchase a Dell laptop. Click here for the story behind the photo…


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  1. Ed Miller says:

    I just bought myself a 2nd-hand Dell Latitude C600 to get portable again (and to use all that crappy PC software from my pre-Mac days). Guess I’d better get down to Canadian Tire and buy the newest Dell peripheral: the dry-chemical fire extinguisher…..


  2. Oh, Ed… Haven’t you been paying attention?

    Forget Windows; for god’s sake go here and download Ubuntu:

    Depending on how old your machine is, Xubuntu might be a better fit. Hell, if you want, I’ll even meet up with you here and install it for you:

    Same goes for anyone else, subject to my approval of your worthiness, of course…


  3. Ed Miller says:


    sure, I’ve been paying attention! After reading about your adventures and checking out some of your links, I’m definitely thinking of switching over.
    But I need to do more research to see what my options are (full conversion, partitioning with both OS’s, etc). Other than rediscovering old games, I run Office 97 and Movie Magic Screenwriter, which both work nicely with their counterparts on my Mac. If I can work back and forth with Linux apps, I’d eventually ditch Windows once I’d gotten bored with the games….


  4. While you can partition a drive to boot Linux and Windows, Linux is much happier having a drive all to itself…


    As for Office apps, you’ll be well-represented in Linux. And in regards to script-writing, click here if you’re ready to have your mind blown!

  5. Ed Miller says:


    Holy crap! A complete, open-source script/production package? I have to spend more time surfing…. I have downloaded the Mac version of Celtx for now to see how it runs.
    I think at some point I’ll go totally Linux with a great app like this (I’ve also played with a couple of open-source office suites, too). I realize now how out-of-date my knowledge about Linux really is!


  6. Ed Miller says:

    I’ve decided to ditch Windows completely, now that

    a) I’ve done more research on Linux
    b) my laptop crashes at least 50% after launching an app (I now know the Made for Windows 2000 sticker is Microsoft/Dell irony, not a feature…).

    I’ll let you know how the procedure goes….



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