This Cat has Claws!


I only heard about this new anti-rape condom today, because of a story about its delay to market covered on And all I can say is… Wow.

The very notion of its existence should be enough to scare off any would-be rapist, as it capitalizes on every man’s secret fear that their lover’s hoo-hah will devour their wee-wee during the act of whoopee—speaking in purely medical terms, of course!

I’m willing to bet that it’s only a matter of time before these things start showing up on Jerry Springer, as weapons of revenge against white trash men, so please remember, ladies.. With great power comes great responsibility!



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2 responses to “This Cat has Claws!”

  1. Speaking of cool inventions and cutting off wieners, check out these Demo videos for the SawStop that I found on BoingBoing. It’s a saw that won’t cut through skin. The wiener demo is my favorite.

  2. This is one of the stupidest inventions to come about in a while. Its very existence will not deter rapists. In fact, as knowledge of it spreads, it may encourage rapists to violate their victim with a foreign object BEFORE doing the deed. Or it encourages them to choose anal instead of vaginal rape (the condom is not designed for anal insertion). Nor will it protect against gang rape; in fact, after the first violator gets his willy whacked, I’d hate to know how violently the other waiting perpetrators will respond.

    Its only effective use is for when you KNOW you’re going to be vaginally raped by a single individual. Can you imagine the legal implications? It’s like laying in wait for an attacker, intent on shooting him with the gun you’ve concealed, instead of running away or calling the cops. How long before a woman is charged and convicted of assault for using one of these things?

    And how long before the condom’s manufacturer is named in a suit or in a criminal charge?

    This thing is a ticking legal time bomb.

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