Phone Campaign Against DRM


Today’s your day to hassle to RIAA!

Defective by Design is today organizing “Freedom Rings”, a worldwide campaign against restrictive copyright on music purchases.

Click here for their list of phone targets, keeping in mind that a carefully thought-out voicemail will probably have more impact than leaving the message “you suck”.

I’ll be calling Graham Henderson of the CRIA later this afternoon, from my local HMV…


By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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  1. Well, I got a late start on my civic duty, but maybe it’ll work out in my favour… Just in case Mr. Henderson cleared his voicemail before taking off for the weekend I left him a present for his Monday morning return!

    Calling from my local HMV Music store, I identified myself as a prospective music consumer and asked if he could kindly call me back and tell me which CDs didn’t have rootkits on them…

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