Save the World for Ten Bucks


(I was going to use the headline “Chart the Future Course of Canadian Politics for Ten Bucks”, but “Save the World” had a little more ‘zazz…)

Both The Al Gore Movie and a television documentary by Polar Guide Paul Rose that was on last night carry the warning that a sudden global rise in temperature of just two degrees will have a catastrophic effect on our planet, including but not limited to the decimation of coastal urban centres like Manhattan and Shanghai by massive flooding.

So what can you do?

Well, lots of things, but the easiest way to get started is to join your local Green Party. Doing so will put you in the exclusive company of hyper-intelligent and mega-relevant members of society, like me! Plus, if you live in Canada and join by tomorrow you’ll have a say in our leadership election next month. It’s worth participating in, as the race is shaping up to be a close one between Elizabeth May and David Chernushenko.

After watching the English leadership debate over the weekend via CPAC, it became apparent to me that third candidate Jim Fannon has pretty much taken himself out of the picture, using most of his on-air time as a drive for new members. As for the front-runners, Chernushenko is certainly as slick as any of the “big four” party leaders, while May has the pedigree of almost two decades of service in The Sierra Club of Canada.

So who will I be voting for? Could the link at the top of this post be a clue?


By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. (disclosure : I handle the blog and DB stuff for the May campaign)

    Yayyy ! A supporter and a penguinista !! Ka-ching ! 😉

    Just wanted to say that the team appreciates your endorsement.

    (Believe it or not I actually ran across your blog checking out the Ubuntu and Lenovo laptop link so you’ll have to let me know how that works out for you. Thinking of moving off my Powerbook and back into the sweet, sweet arms of the all-loving penguin myself and was eyeing the lenovos though wanted something closer to the 12” PB PPC form factor I have now).

    ciao !

  2. Hey Daryl,

    Thanks for the comment; you might be interested in the one I left on David Chernushenko’s blog:


    As for my Lenovo laptop, Ubuntu has unfortunately decided not to recognize its built-in wireless card. I’m currently doing some fiddling, and will post the results…

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