A Small Victory for Fido hiptoppers


While T-Mobsters are happily thumbing away on their new Sidekick 3s south of the border, we poor Fido users up here in the Great White North have to settle for an over-the-air software update that’s about six months overdue.

If you’re not up to scanning the ten pages of posts on the subject over at the hiptop.com forums, here’s what I think about the OTA update:

The Good

  • Add-on apps can now be temporarily deactivated to make room on the device for new purchases from the built-in software catalog. This is great news for me as I’ve been dying to try out the hiptop drum machine!
  • Fido has thoughtfully included a free multimedia messaging app, bringing my hiptop up to spec with the Sony Ericsson handset I was using two years ago.
  • The web browser now supports javascript, so I can click through to the comments on Ray Deonandan‘s blog—w00t!
  • The same browser no longer mangles multi-column websites, like this one!

The Bad

  • There were all kinds of rumours about MSN and Yahoo! chat clients coming with this OTA; sadly it didn’t happen. A bit weird considering Fido’s heavy marketing campaign for the IM services on their new phones…
  • Though the browser now sports javascript, I still can’t use mobile.aircanada.com!
  • The browser will now select and copy text, but it’s all or nothing. And phone numbers on sites and search results can’t be clicked on and dialed—a bit retarded for a smartphone!
  • Again with the browser… It still can’t display WAP sites.

Despite the gripes, this latest OTA update is a welcome addition to what I maintain is the best handset and service available in this part of the world—w00t!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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  1. Thanks for the plug and greetings from a jounalism convention in New York! On a $1 bet, I just sang to Daljit Dhaliwal! I think she thinks I’m a stalker now….

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