What better way to escape the stifling summer heat of the city than to pack up and head for the stifling summer heat of an even bigger city? Well, that’s just what I plan to do next month when the missus and I visit Shanghai, purported to be the most exciting spot on Earth.

The fifteen-hour flight will be a little quicker thanks to Air Canada’s new non-stop service from Toronto; if we still have our wits about us when we land we’re going to try to catch the world’s first operating MAGLEV railway from the airport into the city.

So if anyone is hankering for a fancy mobile phone get your orders in early!



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2 responses to “Shanghaied!”

  1. I worked in Shanghai for a year, and lived in China for three…this is an incredible city, and I heading back myself in May-07. Be ready for 40 degree (Cel) heat. I assume you’ve already made arrangements of where to stay, but my favorite is the Pu Jiang hotel (across from the Russian embassy) – it’s one of the oldest hotels in Shanghai, and the most economical, with a long and colorful history. Have a great trip, and let me know if you have any questions.

    – Shanghai-ed in Halifax, NS

  2. Hey, thanks for the offer… Gonna take you up on it with a question about the Maglev train at Pudong:

    How hard is it to get a cab from Long Yang Station (where the Maglev lets you off) to, say, People’s Square?

    This is an open question for anyone, BTW…

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