Fall Makeover

Rounded corners are sooo 2004…

That’s the verdict from the design mavens at Six Apart, and they’re talking about “Kubrick”, the template I’ve been using on this site since migrating from Movable Type in late 2004.

The logical move would be to K2, also designed by Michael Heilemann. It’s navigational slider is either a triumph of usability or needless gimmick, depending on how you look at it. Regardless, you won’t be seeing it around here anytime soon since it hasn’t been ported to my publishing system yet.

Of the available template choices I’ve found this and that, but neither of the two seem conducive to putting my peepers up at the top of the page. So for now I’m using this as a starting point, and will tweak the colours and fonts to make it look a little less, you know… Femmy.

It likely won’t go live for at least a couple of weeks, but if you want to track my progress you can check out my beta page, here. Feel free to leave me some feedback if you like!


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3 responses to “ Fall Makeover”

  1. AC:
    I like the beta (checked it today, Jul 31 at 3:55 pm). Looks good.
    I half-expected to see something like your My Space profile, though….


  2. AC:
    I like the link above –pretty clean, easy on the eyes.

    I have my display set at 800×600 (I have to use old proprietary software that doesn’t display very well at higher resolutions), so it may look different at a proper resolution.

    I should point out that I like your current design, too, but if the rounded corners must go….


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