Google Earth Your Way to Shanghai with AC!

Thanks to the modern-day wonder that is Google Earth you too can join me on my trip to Shanghai, without even leaving your ‘puter!

Once you have the software installed, just click on the icon below:


If you’ve never used Google Earth before there are a couple of additional steps that may not be second nature to you:

  1. Double-click the zipped folder that you’ve downloaded to your computer;
  2. double-click the “.KMZ” icon that you’ll find inside;
  3. after Google Earth starts up select the “places” list named “Toronto > Shanghai Hotel”;
  4. hit the play button;
  5. sit back and enjoy the ride!

I’m fairly confident that all the landmarks, including our mystery hotel, are accurate. One thing that isn’t is Google’s flight plan—I would have added an extra placeholder in Anchorage, Alaska for a more accurate overseas path, but our flight is non-stop, after all…

If don’t have Google Earth and are too timid to download and install it—and I know who you are!—here’s a list of old-school hyperlinks to the stops along the way:

  1. Pearson International Airport Terminal One;
  2. Shanghai Pudong International Airport;
  3. Pudong Maglev Station;
  4. Long Yang Station, where we’ll be transferring to Shanghai Metro Line #2;
  5. Renmin Guang Chang (People’s Square) Station, where we’ll be hailing a cab to our hotel.

… As you may have guessed, this is as much a reference for me as it is for you.



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