In Praise of Faceless Customer Service


In preparation for tomorrow’s departure for Shanghai I’ve been emailing our hotel. A lot. With a lot of stupid questions. Each pleasant reply, day or night, has come from the same person—Jane Sheng (not pictured above). It made me recall previous emails to my favourite Tokyo hotel, which again were all answered by the same person—Maki Tanaka.

I’m starting to wonder if Jane and Maki are pseudonyms rather than actual people; after all, would the same person have the patience the hammer out repeated emails with the same tiresome reassurances?

“Yes, we have confirmed your reservation…”

“Yes, your room will have high-speed internet…”

“Yes, late check-in is fine. As long as your credit card has cleared we really don’t care what time you arrive… ”

You know, that kind of thing…

Maybe it’s a secret code to alert the front desk staff to high-maintenance guests. When they hear something like: “But Jane Sheng told me…” they know they’ve got a live one and can get their game faces on accordingly.

At any rate, I’m grateful my nagging emails are even answered, so here’s to you…

  • Jane Sheng in Shanghai;
  • Maki Tanaka in Tokyo;
  • Maria de la Tierra Inca in Peru;
  • Winnifred Mutebi in Uganda;
  • Fran McKenzie in Toronto;

And so on…

By Andrew

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