Shanghai: Day Two

Shortly after I published yesterday’s post LinLyn and I took the Nanjing Road mini-train as far towards The Bund as it would go. About six congested city streets later we were treated to the awesome spectacle of the Pudong skyline across the Hangpu River—which you’ll have to Google or Flickr, for now…

To cross the river we went underground and took the hilariously-tacky Bund Tourist Tunnel. For 40 RMB ($5 CAD) you climb into a tall glass pod and get whisked through a tunnel filled with silly lasers and inflated manga characters—priceless!

I figured we couldn’t go back across the river without at least checking out the view from the Oriental Pearl Tower, and we ended up staying for an expensive and very mediocre buffet in the tower’s revolving restaurant. On a whim we checked out the free Museum of Shanghai History in the lobby afterwards, which was by far the highlight of the entire building!

A very humid stroll back up Nanjing Road had us stopping at Haagen-Dazs for ice cream at about 11:30pm. I foolishly ordered a coffee as well, and didn’t really sleep last night as a result. Today is going to be interesting…


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