Shanghai: Day Three

After yesterday’s post the birthday girl and I headed out to explore the west end of Nanjing Road. Our first stop was at the mighty J.W. Marriott, where we inquired about their breakfast service. At almost $40 CAD it might be worth an indulgence over the weekend, but didn’t seem worth it for the short time before it closed down. So we soldiered on through the late morning heat to the fancy upscale malls on that side of town. I got her a surprisingly affordable birthday present from a local designer, and when I say “affordable” I mean marked down 300 Yuan to 90—just about twelve bucks Canadian!

The lack of sleep from the night before started hitting me just after lunch, so we cabbed back to the hotel and slept most of the afternoon away. In the evening we took another cab to Xujiahui for some more shopping and ran into Dennis, a fellow Torontonian in town to buy some Chinese books for his wife. Once the mall closed we were faced with a problem—we hadn’t yet had dinner and the only options around seemed to be fast food, not the best choice for a birthday dinner!

Fortunately one of our Shanghai guide books had a listing for a spot that was open all night, called Bao Luo. The food was great; I just wish they had taken the heads off of the prawns before frying ‘em up and putting them in that delicious curry sauce….

By Andrew

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Glad to hear that you and the girl had a good trip – and happy to hear that the Mad About Shanghai blog was useful.

    I have to agree with you that the museum in Pearl Tower is the highlight of the visit – we almost missed it (lame) was running though my brain before Sabrina (thankfully) dragged me through the door!

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