Jet Lag Redux

Apologies for the lack of updates from my Shanghai trip. It seems that this past Sunday night I was sent into jet lag remission.

It’s the weirdest thing; I thought I had it under control, with naps and sleep carefully metered out in four to six-hour increments to get me back on Eastern Standard Time. It’s as if my body decided that, having spent a week back in Toronto it was now time to return to Asia, and adjusted my internal clock accordingly.

Or maybe it was the siren call of mediocre guy movies on cable—first Backdraft then The Negotiator—which kept me up all Sunday night so I could sleep through most of Labour Day. At any rate, it’s really making it hard to get anything done. I have another audition for The Spiderwick Chronicles this afternoon and the offer of an extended Second City gig to mull over, and being up all night in an only semi-lucid state doesn’t exactly put me in the best frame of mind…


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2 Responses to Jet Lag Redux

  1. Ed Miller says:

    Any tips for a rookie traveller about fighting jet lag both ways? I’m off to Malaysia in a few weeks, and I’ve never travelled more than 5-6 time zones, so the 12-hour difference will be a new experience.
    I can’t sleep on a plane, and I’m only going for 7 days, just to make things interesting.


  2. Ed, while I clearly haven’t mastered the art of returning to one’s home time zone—for me travelling west to east has always been the killer—let me say that it’s always been worth it!

    As for the plane ride, try Gravol or bring a good book. And make sure you choose the right seat:

    Have fun in Malaysia!


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