(Not) Cruising with The Second City


A no-brainer or career suicide? Whatever the case may be, I’ve just turned down the chance to spend four months on board this cruise ship performing with The Second City.

I’d be away from November to March of next year, and would miss Christmas with my family and friends. But I’d only have to perform two shows a week, and would have full access to the ship’s many amenities the rest of the time.

The long contract certainly gave me pause, but the deciding factor turned out to be the sleeping arrangements—sharing a tiny cabin with a roommate that I don’t necessarily know is something that this crotchety old SC alum just wasn’t prepared to do. I had no problem sleeping six to a tent in Bosnia, but on a boat-load of American tourists I would absolutely need some kind of guaranteed personal space.

I will, however, get a small taste of the Caribbean when I accompany Ray Deonandan to T&T for his appearance at CARIFESTA at the end of September. We’ll be sharing a room, but for a couple of days I think I can manage…



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  1. AC:
    When I worked in the restaurant business way back, a few of my fellow grunts took cruiseboat gigs. I don’t know of any who went back a second time after working 6-7 days a week, from breakfast to the end of dinner, with a bunk somewhere near the keel (usually next to loud machinery of some sort). The SC gig sounds a lot better, but you’d still end up in that bunk….


  2. Actually the SC crew gets either officer’s quarters or the smallest class of passenger cabin—no window, but a closed circuit cam of the bow on TV!

    I’d still have to share, though, plus all those hardworking crew members you mention would hate me the moment I stepped on board…

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