It’s Hard to Argue with Free


In days of old I would painstakingly tweak my travel photos in Adobe Photoshop and upload each and every one of them with a thorough description and appropriate links. I wouldn’t even have considered uploading videos, as the large file sizes would eat up my available server storage faster than you could watch them.

But this past weekend I placed my precious travel souvenirs in the very capable hands of Flickr and YouTube, both free services and current darlings of the social media set. It was such a painless experience that I’m starting to rethink this whole blog re-design thing.

Considering that this very page has permanent links to both my Flickr and accounts, and that I’ve also had a free Blogger account since 2003, maybe I can nix my monthly web server bill by having re-direct to a start page that will list all these other accounts as links.

I’ll try to mock one up this week to show you what I mean…

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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