AC Invades South Korea!

North Korean Infiltration Tunnels at Panjmonjom(North Korean Infiltration Tunnels at Panjmonjom…)

New Year’s Eve is great if you’re a working entertainer, but as a civilian I’ve always winced at the palpable anxiety that permeates the air starting in the late afternoon — or maybe it’s just all the perfume and cologne that single people douse themselves with before heading out in search of the new year’s first big mistake.

At any rate, now that I’m single myself I want nothing to do with any of it (I’m classy that way), so I’ve booked myself a little trip to Soeul, South Korea from Boxing Day until the first weekend in January. A graduate of the Andrew Currie School of Make-’em-ups is teaching English there until the spring, and has promised to show me around for the afternoon or two. The rest of the time I’ll be checking out life in a city where watching broadcast TV on your cell phone is commonplace, and will of course be making the trip out of town to visit the DMZ.

And I’ll be ringing in 2007 a full thirteen hours before any of you Eastern Standard Timers stuck back here! 😛


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