Is This a Windows Virus?

An odd re-occurence on my Lenovo laptop.Here’s an odd thing: A couple of times since I got my Lenovo laptop last summer the screen has suddenly gone blank on me, displaying a random colour — in this case, purple.

Fixing it is easy enough; I just close the lid, wait for the machine to hibernate, then open it up and log back in to Windows. My thinking is that the onboard video card just gets overwhelmed every once in a while, but maybe this is the first documented case of the dreaded Metrosexual Virus, where the user’s computer is taken over by a pastel colour, thereby forcing a rethink of the interior paint scheme in their home or apartment.

In any case it’s easier to deal with than my G5 tower‘s latest affliction — it’s decided to ignore the video signal from any camcorder plugged into it… Yippee! 😦

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. AC:

    I can’t help you with the Windoze problem –I’ve never experienced that particular problem before.
    But your G5 problem –are you using Final Cut? I use my old Canon one-chip camcorder to capture to and from my G5, and I have to change the camcorder setting to the DV basic setting (can’t recall the specific name, but I think it’s “basic,” in the camera settings found on the capture settings tab in the capture window). The regular DV setting won’t work with the Canon. took me a while to figure that one out (actually cracked open the FCP manual, I think).

    Another problem I ran into when I first got my G5 was that I couldn’t capture from the camcorder to a Firewire 400 external drive without dropped frames, so I capture exclusively to my Firewire 800 external drive without any issues. Seems the Firewire 400 bus can’t handle the load. Of course, I’m using the slowest G5 ever made, the 1.6 GHz.


  2. Ed, thanks for your concern… The thing with my particular setup is that it was working perfectly up until last week. The only thing I’ve changed since is possibly an update to the WMV decoder I use with QuickTime, so I reinstalled that, but still couldn’t import video. So I deleted my FCP prefs. Still nothing.

    So now the next step is to delete and reinstall Final Cut, along with all the ancillary updates. At this point Adobe Premiere Pro on a Windows tower is looking mighty attractive… 😦

  3. Okay, so my Final Cut setup seems to be working again… Basically, the fix was a variant of the advice given by a character on my favourite Brit-com:

    “Hello, I.T. department… Did you turn it off and then on again? Right.”

    If anyone reading this is experience the same symptoms, you have to specifically unplug all USB and FireWire devices plus the power connection, then leave it for a couple of hours. This resets some whatchamajigger inside, apparently…

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