What Tech Can’t Do

James Kim, senior editor at cnet.comSince Thanksgiving (the U.S. version) the many tech sites I frequent have been covering the strange story of how CNET.com Senior Editor James Kim and his family went missing in the Pacific Northwest. The story now has a bittersweet ending: Mr. Kim’s wife and two young daughters were found alive but James, who left their stranded vehicle to get help, wasn’t so lucky.

I can’t really call myself a fan of Kim’s work — I’d only seen him in passing once or twice on the old TechTV. But what made this story so gripping for me was how technology was supposed to come to their rescue and save the day. First there was talk of triangulating cell phone signals, then re-directing satellites to find the missing family. And though some mother’s ingenuity saved three-quarters of the Kims, nothing could ultimately stop Mother Nature from taking the life of James.

It’s one of those stories that everyone really wanted to have a happy ending. Instead it provides a stark reminder that in this 21st century there’s still lots of things that our technology can’t do for us.

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