Requiem for a Cell Phone Charm

A recently-retired cell phone charm

A very sad Ninja...

Today we pause in remembrance of cell phone Ninja…

I picked up cell phone Ninja (and about twenty of his friends for gifts) in the shopping arcade at Asakusa last January during Seijin No Hi. He spent almost exactly a year hanging from my trusty hiptop, and travelled to such faraway destinations as Shanghai and Bermuda.

I’ll always remember cell phone Ninja for his elastic arms and legs — fiddling with them provided great comfort in times of stress. But now, with the Ninja emblem fading from his chest and the almost certainly toxic paint rubbing off of his head, I’m retiring him to my desk drawer, attached to another old friend so that they can regale each other with stories of the glory days when they travelled at my side.


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4 Responses to Requiem for a Cell Phone Charm

  1. Michelle says:

    Umm…WHERE do I have to travel to get one of those?
    Damn, and I used to think cell phone charms were more useless than blogs….oh wait.

  2. AC says:

    Michelle, you surprise me — keitai charms ward off harmful radiation from your cell phone, obviously… 😉

    There’s a Japanese store up at Vaughan Mills Mall that has a rack of half-decent ones. If I’d known I would have saved one of the charms I brought back with me from Korea for you!

  3. Jackie says:

    If you want to find some great phone charms i found this site they have heaps of styles. No ninjas but plenty of others

  4. AC says:

    If you want to find some great phone charms i found this site

    Hmm… “Found” or “own”?

    I’ll assume your comment isn’t spam, but will add the internet’s premiere site for keitai charms:

    A much bigger selection, IMHO…

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