Dane Cook, Super-Hack

Dane Cook, super-hackProps to fellow WP.com site The Stand-Up Comedy Blog for providing some much-needed insight into the comedy phenomenon known as Dane Cook. I had previously flipped past him hosting an episode of SNL and mistook him for one of the leads in the remake of Dukes of Hazzard, but no — this is the man who parlayed his MySpace friends list into a royal flush of HBO specials and sold-out tours.

Only problem is, he sucks. See for yourself by watching the linked video on The Stand-Up Comedy Blog Entry: Dane Cook, the most overrated entertainer of the decade. Of course you’ll have to sit through the first ten minutes of the guy struttin’ around the stage doing nothing but soak up the love from his fans, who judging by their comedic taste will be perfect candidates for The Air Farce should they ever move to Canada and want something to fall asleep to on a Monday night.

Thankfully, the Stand-Up Comedy Blog and I aren’t alone in our opinion of Mr. Cook’s “talent”. Yesterday’s Onion published a nice little piece on his latest HBO special.

God, what a hack!


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2 responses to “Dane Cook, Super-Hack”

  1. FINALLY! I’m not the only one to voice this opinion. Until now, it seemed like I was the lone voice of reason…

  2. You know people who think he’s funny?! Tell me who they are and we can do the world a favour by killing them 😉

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