Top 3 Alternatives to Tonight’s Oscars

See? I hate the Oscars so much I'm not even linking to them!

Longtime readers will know that I’m no fan of The Academy Awards. This post on a previous blog pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole pointless exercise.Here then, as a public service, are three things you can do instead of tuning in tonight:

  1. Read a book — I’m currently reading Darknet, all about how big media companies are trying to take away my rights as a consumer of content, towards the ultimate goal of making me pay multiple times for the exact same thing.
  2. See a show — Theatres are usually dark on Monday nights (except for The Second City Touring Company, of course!) so there’s likely to be lots of stages lit up for your viewing pleasure tonight. And as a bonus, all the mindless sheep who can’t decide for themselves what a good film is will be at home watching their stupid popularity contest on the idiot box, so you’ll have a better time.
  3. Make a movie of your own — Hey, if you’re quick about it you can get it up on YouTube in time to give your friends another thing to do instead of watching the Oscars…


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