Guerilla Comedy 2.0

Only in Canada could there be two Andrew Curries, who both work in show business and are both alumns of The Canadian Film Centre. Well, this Andrew Currie’s fighting back, by adding two more of us into the fray.

You’ve already met my thirteen year-old MySpace persona in my previous post; now meet the Andrew Currie of Farcebook, a young, fame-obsessed actor/model who’ll be dishing out all kinds of bad career advice in the coming weeks.

I feel just a bit of remorse for jacking this poor sod’s photo — but really, if he expects to be taken seriously with that gay-tarded mime pistol of his I’m of the opinion that he deserves far worse.

Oh, and I’ll continue to keep it real on this, my true home on the web… But you already knew that, didn’t you?


4 responses to “Guerilla Comedy 2.0”

  1. Wait… what assurances do I have that “model” Andrew Currie hasn’y been the real Andrew Currie all along?! That every time we’ve met in real life hasn’t just been some kind of guerilla in-character comedy prank, like Borat?

    I’m gonna have to revaluate some things…

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