Purell hand sanitizer

After a day of performing triage on hundreds of hopefuls for the upcoming Second City Reality Show, I have but one regret… That I didn’t bring any hand sanitizer with me.

Kids, here’s a free audition tip:

Do not under any circumstances shake hands with the person you’re auditioning for, even if you thought you did really well or recognize them as one of The Devil’s Adjumacates!

After the first five or six handshakes I really started to feel like I was getting the cooties, and my fears were justified with some of the folks then proceeding to put old condoms on their fingers, their hands down their pants and so forth.

I can personally guarantee that quelling the urge to offer your hand will get you way further as an actor than I ever got, because I used to be guilty of the very same thing — the handshakes, not the condoms or hands down my pants…


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2 Responses to Pur(H)ell

  1. Funny….

    As something of a germiphobe, I enjoyed it!


  2. Ed Miller says:


    I end up shaking hands at work whenever newbies are brought by to meet me –part of my day job. But after they leave, I always wipe down before getting back to work. I’ve started stashing those wee bottles of germicidal rage in my desk, backpack, etc.

    As someone who gets a cold every other year on average, I’ve been fighting a lingering cold for about a month, and the bastard’s not going yet. Tough germs out there….


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