Growing Up: A Case Study

MacBook cases

The times they are a-changin’…

Loyal readers will recall my longstanding hatred of the dreaded backpack; sling packs, however, are an accessory that I’m entirely okay with, especially when they’ve got a nice, new BlackBook stowed inside!

And yet, on a recent visit to my local Apple Store for said sling pack I ended up getting a more traditional briefcase instead.

It’s clearly the more practical choice, as its loaded up with extra padding and pockets for all my cables, adapters and everything else I could possibly need to bring with me. I just wish it had flames on it or something, so it wouldn’t look like everyone else’s black laptop bag.

I’ve also found a great local source for cell phone and PDA cases — they sold me a very tasteful casing for my new BlackBerry, but it too could use a skull and crossbones, a pimp chain or…


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