NeutrinoPlex Opens Tonight!

NeutrinoPlex Artwork

If you’re wondering why I haven’t written any new posts this week it’s because I’ve been desperately cobbling together the nuts and bolts for tonight’s opening of NeutrinoPlex at The Bad Dog Theatre on the Danforth.

Unlike previous incarnations of the show, our new run will nix the opening act of stand-ups and feature instead a special selection short films from around the city, across the country and from the deepest, darkest corners of the internet. It makes for a lot of extra work for yours truly but it will all pay off — in particular, patrons of tonight’s show are in for a very unique treat!

No need to squint at the text in the above graphic for details… You can download your very own full-sized souvenir flyer right here.


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2 Responses to NeutrinoPlex Opens Tonight!

  1. Ed Miller says:


    I thought the first show went really well. As the technical director (chief video button pusher), my duties kept me distracted from watching the screen too closely once we moved from the warmup act to the main attraction, but all the gear worked. We were late with the tapes, so we had those 2 gaps, but after reading Stewart Copeland’s blog about the Police’s return to the stage, I think we did pretty well:


  2. AC says:

    Thanks for the link, Ed — Stewart Copeland was always my favourite Police-man (?) — after reading that I respect the guy even more for being so honest.

    And for anyone else reading this — this Friday’s NeutrinoPlex will kick ass!

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