Requiem for a TyTN

TyTN Transfer

Why is this man smiling? Because he’s the proud new owner of 2006’s smartphone of the year!

Three and a half years ago I was cheeky enough to take money out of a friend’s pocket in exchange for a colour Treo. This time ’round I’m a feeling a little more charitable, especially in light of Ray’s recent eBay misfortune

I bought my TyTN only last December, partly as a Christmas gift to take with me to Korea and partly to erase the memory of a horrible, horrible directing experience. It made for a fine breakfast companion at my hotel in Seoul but I quickly grew to dislike the slide-out keyboard, particularly in cramped quarters like a bus or streetcar. In Bermuda I discovered that it was all but useless in bright sunlight, and its fate was ultimately sealed when I moved back to my old PowerBook from my Lenovo Windows laptop.

What I’ll miss:

  1. The TyTN was my first true world phone, barely batting an eyelash before connecting to the super-advanced UMTS networks in Japan and Korea, where other smartphones would power down in shame.
  2. The unbelievable wealth of third-party software — you can use Skype on it for chrissakes!
  3. Sync and push email over the air with mail2web’s Microsoft Exchange Server, as close as you can get to the auto-magic OTA sync on my old hiptop.

What I won’t:

  1. Windows Mobile and all its trappings, including Windows Media Player, an absolutely awful contacts manager and a UI that takes its design cues from Windows 95.
  2. The touchscreen, requiring a stylus for use and 100% unreadable outdoors.
  3. Having to reboot the device to make a phone call. Okay, the WiFi was on but still…
  4. Having to use a Windows computer as its desktop counterpart.

BTW, if you’re at all curious how my mobile life with BlackBerry is going let’s just say that there may well be another requiem post soon!


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3 Responses to Requiem for a TyTN

  1. Lord Wat says:

    Man, I still look fat.

  2. Ed Miller says:


    so, you’re retiring all your mobility devices so that you can get a new iPhone? This Friday is the launch date in the US, which means, what, 2008 before it arrives here? What will you do in the interim?


  3. AC says:

    Patience, Ed. Patience…

    Think of this as a trashy novel, except about cell phones 😉

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