Currie’s Canada Day Smartphone Giveaway!

Sony Ericsson's P990 smartphone

Since there’s been a bit of interest in my forthcoming mobile device, I’m gonna up the ante a bit…

The first reader to correctly guess the exact name and model number of my next smartphone will win this Sony Ericsson P990!*

Sony Ericsson’s flagship smartphone features no less than three methods of input — a full QWERTY keypad, a traditional numberpad plus a full touchscreen interface with handwriting recognition. With tri-band GSM and UMTS radios it will work anywhere in the world, and connect to any available WiFi hotspot. It’s onboard 2-megapixel autofocus camera will record both stills and video.

And it could be yours*!

All you have to do is post your guess in the comments section of this post. If you need clues they’re all here — and possibly also amongst my many posted links on

Best of luck to everyone, and when I see the correct answer in the comments I’ll call it and name the proud new owner of an unlocked Sony Ericsson P990 smartphone*!

* The fine print:

  • Prize shown above is actually a non-working dummy model I got off of eBay. And it’s got this fugly black plastic display mount glued to the back, which is why I want to get rid of it.
  • The contest winner must either get their ass to my neighbourhood in downtown Toronto to pick it up or pay 100% of all applicable shipping costs, import/export fees, plus any unforeseen charges, like a pitcher of beer to calm me down should I get pissed off packing the damn thing up and lugging it all the way to the post office down the street.
  • Actual value of listed prize is less than $5 CAD — what, you think I’m MADE of money?!

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13 Responses to Currie’s Canada Day Smartphone Giveaway!

  1. Kevin says:

    Sagem Wireless Assistant

  2. AC says:

    Interesting choice:

    Unfortunately, this particular model is almost 6 years old and doesn’t work in North America…


  3. Tim says:

    what are you using now?

  4. AC says:

    Hey Tim,

    Please check your previous comment — I’ve answered you there.


  5. Kev says:

    HTC Touch?

  6. AC says:

    Getting warmer!

    The touch is HTC’s latest device, which is positioning as a possible iPhone-killer:

    But while HTC has done a much-needed makeover of the hideous Windows Mobile interface, it’s still Windows Mobile, and it still has a touchscreen, and me no like either.

    Hmmm… Could those be clues?

  7. Ed Miller says:


    Despite weeks of study, I’ve only seen you use your Crackberry. So, I’m forced to take a blind stab at it — Treo 755P with the new Foleo mobile companion?


  8. AC says:

    A Palm Flop-eo, eh…?

    A noble effort, but the Palm platform has three strikes against it:

    1. Touchscreen.
    2. Doesn’t multitask.
    3. Palm OS versions of the Treo don’t have UMTS radios, and thus aren’t true world phones.

    Also, I remember Palm HotSync with Mac OS X as being pretty crap-tacular — so much so that it drove me from my old Treo 270 to a Sony Ericsson job:

    Closer still, but no cigar…

    So it’s now a two horse race, unless anyone else wants to jump in?

  9. Elias C. says:

    Well, I have two guesses. I think since you like the Hiptop2, and the ability to install a huge range of apps, that the Nokia E90 would be the best phone for you, seeing as it has a similar profile to the Hiptop2.

  10. AC says:

    Jeebus, you think I’m MADE of money?!

    You’re definitely on the right track, though… In fact, I’d say this is the closest stab yet!

    So what’s your OTHER guess?

  11. Elias C. says:

    Nokia E61i? (not my other guess, but since its similar to the E90)

  12. AC says:


    I actually came very close to picking up the E61i’s predecessor, the E61, last November… But since I was using Windows at the time and seeking to replicate my hiptop’s over-the-air PIM sync the TyTN and Microsoft ActiveSync won out. Until I came crawling back to Mac, that is.

    In hindsight it’s a good thing I waited… Nokia’s E61i features the one thing that kept me from the E61 — a camera!

    Elias, I hope you live in Toronto — it’ll be cheaper to claim your prize if you are. You’re welcome to get in touch with me via the ‘Contact’ link on this page. I’m off to Second City for the rest of the day but I’m sure we can arrange some kind of handover some other day this week.

    … And hopefully you’ve read the fine print! *

  13. Ed Miller says:


    Dang! Thought I was close.
    Of course, my next guess would have been the iPhone Nano.
    Apple’s filed patents and is rumoured to have an enhanced iPod Nano with phone capability, for those who don’t need all the bells ‘n’ whistles of the iPhone. Shouldn’t really be surprising given how they’ve always offered at least 2 degrees of iProduct with laptops, desktops, iPods….


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