Frozen Bubble: The Crack Cocaine of Nokia Gaming

Frozen Bubble logo

Anyone out there with a Palm handheld or Pocket PC has most probably played Bejeweled, once described to me as “crack cocaine”. It turns out that Nokia Series 60 users have an addictive game to call their own — it’s called Frozen Bubble, and it’s free!

Mobile gaming is a tricky proposition. Game makers must deal with limited resources yet produce a visually rich and fun to play experience. The perfect game for me is something that can fill a few idle moments in queue at the bank, waiting for a boarding call at the airport, on the toilet, etc. And Frozen Bubble delivers.

Frozen Bubble screen grab

The premise of the game is simple: Aim and fire a frozen bubble at a grouping of similarly-coloured bubbles stuck to the top of the screen. When you hit a clump of two or more of identical ones they all come tumbling down, in a most satisfying manner. But beware — the screen height gets progressively shorter, and if any of the stuck bubbles cross that blue line it’s game over, pal!

Oh hell, why listen to me when you can just play it yourself from within your web browser? Note that I take no responsibility for any productivity lost due to this game. Just remember — unlike Bejeweled, this addiction won’t cost you a dime!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. This game has been around forever! In these here parts, it’s called BUST A MOVE
    Addiction factor does not fade with time. This is how I spent the majority of my college years between drinking and sleep.

  2. I’ll let it slide. Your clearly superior knowledge of handhelds and other electrical gadgets outweighs momentary n00b-ery.


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